Camco Racing Engines Team Members

Dana Hard

Dana Hard has always been interested in engines. In fact, he is more interested in the engines than the cars that they come in. He rebuilt his first engine in his cellar at the age of 15, and he went on to earn engineering degrees from Wentworth Institute of Technology and Lowell Technological Institute. 

Dana has been operating Custom Automotive Machine for more than 45 years, offering service and repair of every kind of automotive engine. His engines have powered all types of vehicles, from stock restorations to high-performance,  racing, and marine applications. 

Dana is also the owner of three NHRA Heritage Series dragsters, two Mustang-bodied Nostalgia funny cars, and a Fiat funny car.  He is also the founder and manager of the East Coast Pro Comp Association, and series for blown alcohol and nitro drag cars capable of running a quarter-mile is better than 6.40 seconds.

Jon Wall

Jon Wall has been working around automobiles since childhood. His father and uncle, Bob and Tom Wall drag raced front-engined dragsters and a Monza funny car called Quickie Too. Jon earned his own NHRA competition license as soon as he was able in 2002 and soon began driving the dragster and the funny car. In fact, Jon has never raced in a car that has the engine behind the driver.

Jon has been working at Camco Racing Engines since 2006 and in 2009 he took on the additional duties as the driver of the Fiat-bodied Boogieman funny car. 

With more than 15 years at Custom Automotive Machine, Jon Wall has become an integral part of its long-term success. Jon takes real pride in giving Camco customers the high-quality service and expertise that they have come to expect.